Cross Country Running


  1. a) LOSSA Course as of Sept 9, 2017
  2. b) List of Fixtures
  3. c) LOSSA XC Practice Eligibility

2017 LOSSA XC news:

LOSSA is Tuesday, October 24th at Dagmar. meet code: JCPJ9C7
Entry Deadline: Oct 20, 2017 @ 6pm
$13/athlete, no maximum
Fees must be paid before coaches receive entries Cheques payable to “Notre Dame CSS”


9-10am Registration
1015am Coaches Meeting
1030am Midget Girls
1105am Midget Boys
1140am Junior Girls
1225am Junior Boys
110pm Senior Girls
2pm Senior Boys
3pm Team Awards

OFSAA XC news:

Just a head’s up / reminder about OFSAA XC 2017:
It’s going to be in Petawawa, Ontario on Saturday, November 4, 2017.

Also discussed at the meeting in November 2016 – we’d look into group buses and accommodations like we did for OFSAA 2013 in Sudbury.

– I’ve booked two, 56-passenger coach buses for transport and paid the deposit from the LOSSA XC account

– The closest I could find accommodations is Deep River and Arnprior

 Friday, November 3, 2017

~ 9am – buses A&B depart Durham Region for Petawawa (departure school TBA)

~ 1pm – buses A&B arrive Petawawa Golf club at Garrison

~ 1-3pm – athletes walk OFSAA course and buy swag

~ 3pm – bus A leaves Petawawa for Deep River, arriving at 330pm

~ 3pm – bus B leaves Petawawa for Arnprior, arriving at 4pm

… then it’s food and relaxation until Saturday morning

Saturday, November 4, 2017

– 730am – checkout at Arnprior and depart for Petawawa

– 8am – checkout from Deep River and depart for Petawawa

– 830am – buses A&B arrive at Petawawa Golf club at Garrison

– 9am – 3pm Compete and awards

~ 3pm – buses A&B depart Petawawa Golf club for Durham Region

~ 8pm – buses A&B arrive back in Durham Region


Bus ~ $40-60, depending on how many of the 112 seats we take

Rooms ~ $30-40 based on 4/room, depending on which hotel / motel

– so on the high end, $100 a kid

– Keep in mind we also need to cover the cost of accommodation for 2 bus drivers